Singa Diesner

Singa Diesner was born in 2004 in Los Angeles and started drumming at the age of two, got lessons from the age of six and started to write his own songs at the same time. In addition to drums and piano, he also plays various Afro-Brazilian instruments, because of Capoeira, a martial arts he pursues since 2008. After gigs with fellow musicians at the Genghis Cohen (Hollywood) and various other locations, he discovered hip-hop in 2015 and began to rap and produce beats. Two years later, together with BoxxBeatz, he launched a project called "Generation Rap 2k17", in which they united 12 German underground rappers on one track. In 2019 he released the "William Marshal EP" and with the Song "Liking You" he got accepted to the german casting-show "Dein Song". Since he is homeschooled, he can concentrate on his hobbies, which include music, Capoeira and Living History.