A unique artist based between Germany and Los Angeles


My name is Singa Lu Diesner and I was born in 2004 in Los Angeles. Growing up between California and the „Outdoor Zentrum Lahntal near Wetzlar, Germany, I was homeschooled, giving me the opportunity to follow my artistic passions.

I wrote my first song when I was six years old and ever since, music has been a main focus in my life. I played percussion with renowned musicians at venues in Los Angeles from an early age on and in addition to various afro-brazilian instruments, I also taught myself Keys and Guitar and how to produce my own songs.

One of these songs, „Liking You“, got my collaborator Elul and me directly into the finals of the german casting show „Dein Song“, where we got to work with platinum selling producer duo YouNotUs. Not long after i landet a supporting role in the teen drama series Schloß Einstein.


Apart from writing for other artists and being a part of the collective Bonstage, which emerged from my participation in the show „Dein Song, I am now working on my debut solo album, establishing a completely new sound in German rap, with a great emphasis on lyricism and influences of contemporary trap and drill music, as well as embracing my roots by showcasing a Westcoast mentality and Afro-Brazilian inspired melodies.


I made my first short film with my younger brother when I was 8 years old and started serious acting when I was cast in 2021 for the role of „Norbert“ in the longest running German TV show „Schloß Einstein“. Since then, I’ve starred in several smaller productions, from roles in short films like „Look, Mira“ by Kate McCarthy to being the main character in music videos by the likes of CassMae and Larissa Felber. I also write scripts and have been directing my own music videos since I was a child, fusing visual and auditory creativity.